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The Rebuilt Timer Process

The process begins by the customer downloading our Service Request Form and filing out the required fields and place the form in the box with your Timers. Upon receiving your timers they are checked in with your company name, address, phone number, the brand of each timer sent in quantity of each brand listed.

Without information provided, any timers received will have to be put off to the side until we are contacted by the customer. To expedite the repair process please use the SERVICE REQUEST FORM.

Once your order is checked in, the timers are put on to the line. We do not pre-test timers. We assume its is faulty on receipt.

All timers are disassembled and sonically cleaned with degreaser and all metals brightened. Then the parts are laid out on a bench for inspection. Parts are replaced that are defective. Motors, gears, contacts, cam followers and solenoids are examined and defective ones are replaced. Then timers are reassembled and for some timers, indexed and adjusted.

Timers are tested three times on a test machine. All timers are reexamined for any changes or defects before boxing the unit.

We take pride in our process. Quality is above anything else.