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Payment and Shipping Process

Payment must be made before the rebuilt timers are returned. We accept payment by Credit Card or Company Check. If you are an existing customer then we already have your Credit card on file or we accept check for payment.

First Time customers who want to pay by credit card please use the Credit Card Application form. Fill out the form and fax it to: 321-952-3694. If paying by company check please remit to: REECO TIMER COMPANY. Orders on first time customers will ship after the check clears.

Timer service Repair REQUEST

To expedite the repair process please use the SERVICE REQUEST FORM.     

Service Request Form      Credit Card App

1. Timers must be complete as they are taken from the machine. No brackets or Wire harness, glass or dials.

2. A Service Request must contain a Service Request Form included in the package.

3. Please pack the timers carefully so they will not be damaged in shipping. Protect printed circuit boards. And make sure shafts from timers don’t bang into cams of other timers.

4. Return address must be a physical street address not a P.O Box. WE CAN NOT SHIP TO A PO.BOX

5. Without information provided, any timers received will have to be put off to the side until we are contacted by the customer. Once your order is checked in, the timers are place on to the repair line. We do not pre-test timers. We assume its is faulty on receipt. Please be aware to only send in faulty timers and not faulty timers that are being harmed by other parts of your equipment.

All timers are disassembled and sonically cleaned with degreaser and all metals brightened. Then the parts are laid out on a bench for inspection. Parts are replaced that are defective. Motors, gears, contacts, cam followers and solenoids are examined and defective ones are replaced. Then timers are reassembled and for some timers, indexed and adjusted.

Timers are tested three times on a test machine. All timers are reexamined for any changes or defects before boxing the unit. Shipping address is:

2860 Kirby Circle N.E. Unit 14
Palm Bay, Florida 32905

In-Warranty Repair Request

To send in a timer that was repaired and has failed during the 6 month warranty please print out a Warranty Repair Form.

Warranty Repair Form

Warranty returns will be void if:

1. Seals are broken.

2. Timer has been dropped, water damage, electrical short, turned backwards, wire cut or if parts are missing, oily, tampered with or mishandled.

3. Damage for any reason, including during return shipping.


1. Print and Fill out an In-Warranty Repair form.

2. Please detail why you feel the timer is not functioning. Please DO NOT USE the word DEFECTIVE as your sole reason for repair.

3. Please fill out one sheet per timer

Pleases send In-Warranty Timers for repair to

2860 Kirby Circle N.E. Unit 14
Palm Bay, Florida 32905